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Easy-to-interpret information

InVista reports provide direct and detailed insights about your candidates and employees so you can feel confident about your talent decisions.

Candidate reports

InVista candidate reports provide an overall score so you can see at a glance if your candidate is a good fit for your position. Clear, colorful graphics provide a visual picture of a candidate’s assessment results. Our reports allow you to easily see not only if a candidate fits but also how well he or she fits.

Score interpretation statements give you more in-depth information about a candidate’s specific strengths and weaknesses in the skills and abilities that matter most to you—and your business.

InVista candidate reports offer results
in an easy-to-understand format.

InVista developmental reports help employees learn more about themselves so they can grow.   

Developmental reports

We also offer advanced solutions to help determine current employee strengths and areas of improvement, so you can make informed decisions about development of existing talent. 

Similar to candidate reports, developmental reports include detailed results with colorful, clear information and score interpretation. They also include a development plan designed to help your employees learn more about themselves so they can take steps to grow.

Interview guides

InVista candidate reports also include interview guides, which are helpful when conducting consistent and job-relevant interviews. Our interview guides are designed to be printed and used as a reference during interview sessions. They provide a series of questions related to the job competencies and skills measured by specific solutions and allow you to dig deeper into the fit of your potential new hires. They also include various response options so you can feel confident in your decisions.

InVista interview guides help you conduct consistent and job-relevant interviews. 

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