To hire, or
not to hire?

Our detailed reports help inform your hiring decisions

Candidate assessments are only as useful as the information they provide, and struggling to figure out what that information is shouldn’t be a part of your process.

InVista candidate reports include simple score information so you can see at a glance if your candidate is a good fit for the position. 

Don’t spend your valuable time wading through pages of jargon trying to find what you need: Our report graphics show you right away if your candidate has potential—and our in-depth detail shows you not only if a candidate fits but also how well he or she fits.

Included score interpretation statements, written in everyday language that’s easy to understand, give you more in-depth information about a candidate’s specific strengths and weaknesses in the skills and abilities that matter most to you and your business.

The next step

Not sure what to ask during an interview? We make follow-up easy by including detailed interview guides in our candidate reports. These guides include questions that relate specifically to the competencies measured by your solutions. Save time and let InVista do the prep work for you.

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