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Find, develop, and keep top talent

​We know that a well-matched employee is a more satisfied employee.  And a more satisfied employee will be a higher performer, a better leader, and a more effective teammate—all things that affect your company’s bottom line.

Before recommending what talent solutions will work best for your business, the InVista team conducts a deep dive into what makes your business thrive. We work with you to identify the talents and traits needed for key roles and consider factors that affect job satisfaction and retention, like working styles, work values, and personality preferences.


Using this wealth of data, our team of talent experts performs a thorough job analysis and then tailors assessment solutions to tackle your most critical competencies.

InVista talent assessment tools:

…accurately target task performance, overall job performance, and a range of specific contextual performance such as interpersonal facilitation and job dedication.

—International Journal of Selection and Assessment

Our solutions help you focus on critical competencies linked to job performance, and we can tailor a solution for any competency in any role at any level.

Role-specific solutions

Role-specific assessment solutions measure competencies linked to performance for specialized functions. Common ready-to-launch roles include entry-level sales, customer service, retail, individual contributor, experienced sales, and manager.  


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Developmental solutions

Our developmental talent solutions feature concentrated assessment bundles that focus on developing your staff or gauging your current bench strength. Identify actionable strengths and weaknesses to help you make informed business decisions.


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Customized Solutions

We can also customize our assessments to meet any role at any level. The InVista team has years of psychometric expertise and experience, and our custom tests can measure virtually any competency, skill, or knowledge domain relevant to your business.


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